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Hi everyone,
This year PRIDE IN LAW are making a difference by participating in Bridge to Brisbane and running for OPEN DOOR YOUTH SERVICE (ODYS) who are an amazing organization close to our hearts and who are doing some amazing work supporting the young LGBTIQ+ community!

You can support ODYS's efforts and help us reach our fundraising goal by making a secure online donation. After donating you can even leave a message of support on our page – it would be great to read these.
Together we can make a big impact on race day!
Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to Open Doors Youth Service.
Thank you so much for your support!

For more information on Pride in Law, please visit our website:

About Open Doors Youth Service (ODYS):

Open Doors Youth Service (ODYS) have been supporting young LGBTIQ+ people in Southeast Queensland for over 20 years. Each year the service engages over 3,000 young people of diverse genders, sex, sexualities, and bodies by creating inclusive places in which they can feel safe and foster pride in their identities through positive connections with peers and support networks. 

As a result, they are less vulnerable to homelessness, mental health issues, suicidality, and isolation.

ODYS support hundreds of young people each year to: 

• Obtain safe, stable housing

• Improve their mental health and wellbeing

• Improve relationships with their family, peers and community

• Stabilise education and/or work

• Improve their self-belief and confidence; and

• Have hope for their future

Over the past year, the service has seen a significant increase in the number of young people accessing our service, particularly young people that identify as being transgender and/or gender diverse. These young people are our most vulnerable and experience exponentially high rates of mental illness and poor social and emotional outcomes.

For more information on Doors Youth Service (ODYS), please visit their website: 

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    Activity Summary

    Donate to make a difference

    Open Doors Youth Service Inc

    Open Doors Youth Service is Queensland’s leading support service enriching the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Asexual, Pansexual, Sistergirl or Brotherboy (LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl & Brotherboy) young people. Our vision is for all young people of diverse genders, bodies, sexualities and relationships will be connected to culturally and developmentally appropriate services. We provide individual, group-based, and family support to enhance connections to family, culture, and community.

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